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BNN Market Call Tonight – August 21, 2017 – Top Picks

David Driscoll BNN Market Call August 21, 2017

Coloplast makes products for ostomies, incontinence, mastectomies, wound healing and skin care. An aging demographic has greater needs for colostomy bags and catheters and Coloplast is one of the leading providers of this equipment. The stock has fallen 15 per cent from its peak on the back of weaker wound and skin care products, but still has organic revenues growing six per cent to seven per cent annually, thanks to higher demand in China.

Stryker primarily makes hip- and knee-replacement products but also biologics and digital imaging systems throughout the world. They currently have a leg up on innovation with new robotic endoscopy systems for knee surgeries and replacements. And they use 3D printers to produce artificial hips that are aligned precisely for each patient with material that helps promote bone growth within the device, resulting in a faster and less painful recovery.

OpenText is the leader in enterprise information management. Their products enable businesses to grow faster, reduce operational costs and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed.

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