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BNN Market Call Tonight – March 13, 2017 – Top Picks

BNN Market Call March 13, 2017

DANAHER CORP. (DHR.N) – $87.64
Danaher is a U.S. conglomerate in the life sciences, robotics, dental and waste water management industries. It’s a company that is hitting on all cylinders because it’s in the right industries to offset any disruptive business changes. The company is run like a private equity firm and is the most efficient allocator of capital among the bunch.

PAYCHEX (PAYX.O) – $62.25
Paychex is a U.S. payroll, human resource and employee benefits company that deals mostly with small U.S. businesses. It is also responsible for remitting payroll taxes (about $3.5 billion of client funds) to the IRS every two weeks. If the Federal Reserve raises rates in 2017 and 2018, Paychex makes US$3 million in profit, or one cent a share for every 0.25 per cent rise in interest rates.

Dassault Systèmes provides 3D software applications that help companies create, model and test designs. A company, a scientist or an entrepreneur can take an idea and use Dassault’s software to create the most viable product with the most cost-effective design. They are also heavily involved in artificial intelligence programming to enhance further efficiencies.

Disclosure      Personal         Family         Portfolio

DHR                         Y                  Y                  Y

PAYX                        Y                  Y                  Y

DASTY                     Y                  Y                  Y