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Wealth Management for Business Owners

Maximize Your Investments with Proven Strategies for Business Owners

As a business owner you know the lifeblood of your business depends on consistent cashflow. You work hard to streamline your expenses, improve your processes and run your business efficiently. You understand that cashflow fuels growth, gives you options and secures your future.

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(But when it comes to investing, you aren’t as sure about things. And, you don’t have the time to investigate all the options.)

At Liberty International Investment Management, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the world of investments, while running a successful business. As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to concentrate on what you’re best at, to maximize your time and earning potential.

That’s why we love helping business owners maximize their investment portfolios, while giving them the peace of mind to keep growing their businesses. Our investment approach works well for business owners because it’s based on the same principles you live by every day.


Our customized investment portfolios are built around companies that show free cash flow growth year after year.

That means these companies:

  1. Pay dividends
  2. Purchase other companies to fuel growth
  3. Invest in tools, assets, research and development to stay current in their industry
  4. Pay down debt
  5. Buy back shares (rewarding existing shareholders)

In short, we work to maximize your investment potential, while minimizing the effects of market volatility that can dampen performance over the long haul.


How It Works:

  1. Our Investment Strategy Starts with You
    When we meet with you, we’ll focus on your plans. Your goals. Your hopes and dreams with for both your business and your life. We aren’t simply worried about getting a great return on your investments. We clearly define what success means for you.
  2. We’ll Evaluate Where You Are
    Next, we’ll look at your assets and investments, your current strategies, your income and your business. This detailed analysis will show us where you are in relation to the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.
  3. We Create a Customized Investment Plan
    While our overall approach is focused on investing in companies with a reputation for free cash flow, we customize our investment plans to each individual client. For example, we look at how your business and the businesses you’ll invest in complement each other to minimize risk and maximize performance.
  4. We Keep in Touch
    We’ll meet with you twice each year to review and revise your investment plan as your needs change. We’re also available between regularly scheduled reviews to offer advice or answer questions.

You’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter that provides an overview of market conditions and our current strategies, as well as educational articles to help you become a better investor over time.

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