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Investment Portfolio Advice for Executives

Maximize Your Peak Earning Years with Sound Investment Advice

You’ve made it to the top of your game and you’re enjoying your success. You work hard and juggle lots of competing priorities. You may be planning for big expenses including your children’s college education, a wedding, or the purchase of a vacation home.

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(You have a solid investment plan in place, but you sometimes wonder if you’re doing enough to ensure a comfortable retirement. You worry about the market and how it will affect what you’ve accumulated.)

Is your portfolio balanced to provide growth and income for the future?

At Liberty International we know how easy it can be to let your investment plan run on autopilot without considering the risks. You’re probably working 60 hours a week, managing a family and a home. You don’t have time to investigate every change in the market or every new investment strategy.

But we also know that mid-life is one of the best times to evaluate your investment strategies to make the most of your peak earning years.


How It Works:

  1. Our Investment Strategy Starts with You
    At Liberty International we understand that the measure of our success is your success. That’s why we focus our first discussion on you. Your plans. Your goals. Your hopes and dreams for your life, your family and beyond.
  2. We’ll Crunch the Numbers
    Next, we’ll discuss your current assets and investments, your investment strategy to date, your income, upcoming expenses and future challenges. This helps us determine how close you are to your goals right now.
  3. Your Customized Investment Plan
    After we know where you are and where you’re going, we’ll lay out a comprehensive plan to keep your money working for you. Our customized investment portfolios are built around companies that show free cash flow growth year after year. That means higher dividends and more consistent growth. Learn more about our investment approach.
  4. Ongoing Communication Is Key
    We meet with you twice a year to review and revise your plan as your needs change. In between reviews, we’re always available to answer your questions or offer advice when you’re faced with a sudden change or unexpected opportunity.

You’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter that provides an overview of market conditions, our current strategies and educational articles to help you become a better investor over time.

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