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Investing Inheritance Funds in Canada

Secure Your Wealth and Plan for the Future

Inheriting an estate can be a double-edged sword. While you’re grateful for the generous gift, you also don’t know much about the world of investing. How will you manage what your loved one worked so hard to create? Who can you trust to handle all the details, now that they are gone?

Estate Management services

Ready to secure your future and start enjoying your inheritance?

At Liberty International we understand how daunting it can be to take on financial responsibilities you’ve never faced before. We spend all day, every day helping our clients make sound financial decisions that secure their future and keep their money working for them.

We’re open. We’re transparent. And we’re here, not just to manage your inheritance, but provide valuable education that will guide you in making your own decisions about the wealth you’ve inherited.


How It Works

  1. Our Investment Strategy Starts with You
    While most investment firms start by looking over your assets, we start with you. Your needs and priorities. Your future plans and goals. Your hopes and dreams. This helps us start from a place of possibility and match our strategies with your short and long-term goals.
  2. We’ll Crunch the Numbers
    Next, we’ll discuss the details of the estate, your income, upcoming expenses and future challenges. This helps us determine how close you are to your goals right now.
  3. Your Customized Investment Plan
    After we know where you are and where you’re going, we’ll lay out a comprehensive plan to keep your money working for you. We’ll custom-tailor a unique investment plan for you, focused on wealth preservation and diversification to minimize risks and provide predictable income streams. Learn more about our investment approach.
  4. Ongoing Communication Is key
    We meet with you twice a year to review and revise your plan as your needs change. In between reviews, we’re always available to answer your questions or offer advice when you’re faced with a sudden change or unexpected opportunity.

You’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter that provides an overview of market conditions, our current strategies and educational articles to help you become a better investor over time.

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Are you ready to sort out the details of your estate and create a concrete plan for your future?

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